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Terms of Service

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Terms of Service

General Terms and Conditions

This document, referred to hereafter as the Terms, acts as an agreement between you, the User, and, the Site. By accessing the Site, you are agreeing to these Terms; your future use of the Site similarly depends upon your acceptance of the Terms regardless of any modifications or revisions. Together with the Privacy Policy, this document will constitute your rights while using the Site and its services.

General Use License

By using the Site and its services, you have been granted a license. This license is valid for personal use only and cannot be copied or used commercially. Your use of the site remains dependent upon your agreement to not:

  • Harm the Site or its network through any manner deemed malignant by Site staff.
  • Abuse the Site and/or its services for monetary gain.
  • Infringe upon copyright law by copying materials owned by the Site.
  • Reverse engineer or retrieve information in an attempt to reconstruct the Site.
  • Access private areas of the Site and its services.
  • Forge evidence submitted to the Site support staff.
  • Perform a "chargeback" attempt on the Site, defined in these Terms as a cancellation or attempted recoup of payment submitted to after a successful purchase made through the Site.
  • Attempt to automate the site through third-party software or otherwise extend reasonable site capabilities beyond that of a normal user.
  • Create and/or use alternate accounts on the Site.
  • Intentionally cause an error in a Site bot without creating a support ticket.
  • Attempt to scam, phish, or otherwise manipulate another User or the User's Steam account through's features.

A User's access to the Site may be suspended or terminated upon performing any of the above actions. This list is not exhaustive.

Valve Corporation Disclaimer operates many of its services with a network of automatically operated Steam accounts, Bots, owned by the Valve Corporation. Valve's Terms and Conditions determine our access to any item(s) deposited to the Site. If, for any reason, Valve revokes access to our Bots, we cannot promise access to any deposited item(s). Despite this, we will provide updates to the process of recovering access to any restricted accounts if this situation occurs and return items if possible.

Third Parties and Third-Party Software

By agreeing to these Terms, you are committing to your use of the Site as a single User. Thus, third parties are not permitted access to your account. Under this agreement, you are responsible for any third party accessing your account; any violation of these Terms by a third party will be treated as a violation of these Terms by the User. considers any form of automation (defined in these Terms as automatic pricing, data collection outside the scope of tools provided by the Site, or other scripts not explicitly approved by Site staff) as Third-Party Software and is therefore prohibited.

Warranty Disclaimer will not be held responsible for damages or losses incurred through Site usage or lack thereof. The Site is similarly not responsible for scams, fraud, or otherwise committed through attackers circumventing the safety of the Site and its Bots. However, is committed to creating the safest platform possible for both buyers and sellers. The Site will provide an exception to this provision in the case of chargeback scams, which the Site covers with its Partners.

Online Conduct may offer social features now or in the future. These may include, but are not limited to, your avatar, username, comments, and direct messages. The Site may restrict a User access to these features if the User is found to be in violation of our Social Guidelines. Any illegal content transmitted through the site will result in an account termination.


Any content provided by the can be modified without notice if deemed incorrect or outdated. The Site encourage the submission of any errors to our support page, but make no promises as to the speed or status of changes to any content provided. Content as stated in this term includes this document, which can be revised at any point in time without notice. The Site encourages users to stay up to date on the latest version of these Terms.


As we intend to operate a public marketplace, requires that items are priced fairly. Any items considered excessively above a reasonable market price could be manually delisted by Site staff. If this occurs, you will receive a notification. If this occurs repeatedly, you will be temporarily restricted from listing items on the Site.


Refunds provided by will only occur if purchased items cannot be delivered or if an error on incorrectly described an item. Any validity of refunds is solely at the discretion of staff. All refund requests should be made through the Site's support page; if a refund is approved by staff, the User must provide any item(s) received before any transfer of funds is provided.

Termination reserves the right to restrict any user from the Site. The Site is not obligated to provide reasoning behind restrictions to any User. However, if a User were to find that a restriction is mistaken, we encourage tickets submitted to Staff through the Site support page.

Users reserve the right to cancel their account through a ticket submitted through the Site support page.

Privacy is committed to protecting the privacy and safety of its Users. Our Privacy Policy can be found here.


Users are entitled to items that they have successfully paid for. If the Site deems the deliverance of such items impossible in a reasonable timeframe, the User will be entitled to a refund.

Contact Information

If you would like to contact us you may send an email to [email protected] or utilize our support page.


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